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King’s Day in Amsterdam

April 27 @ 8:00 am 11:30 pm

King's Day Amsterdam Canal District
King’s Day Amsterdam Canal District

Every year on 27 April, Amsterdam turns orange and celebrates King’s Day (formerly Queen’s Day), the biggest event in the Netherlands. There is plenty to do in and around Amsterdam. Are you coming to enjoy the free markets and parties?

About King’s Day

On 27 April, the whole of the Netherlands celebrates the birthday of King Willem Alexander. King’s Day is an official holiday in the Netherlands and many people are free. The night before 27 April is the ‘Koningsnacht’ and during this night many parties are organised.

The largest street market in Amsterdam

The flea markets are a tradition where many citizens of Amsterdam sell their second-hand goods on the street or in the park. There are several flea markets, which together form the largest second-hand market in the world.

Everyone is allowed to stand on a free market on King’s Day from 6:00 to 20:00. In theory, you can do this anywhere in the city, as long as you do not block entrances to houses and shops that are open. You are also not allowed to obstruct the flow of people in the city. No flea market is allowed along emergency routes. Bridges, bridgeheads and fire hydrants must also be kept clear.

Flea market for children

The Vondelpark is reserved for children on King’s Day. They sell the toys they have worn out or clothes they no longer fit. The daredevils even go all out and give all kinds of performances. Vondelpark closes the evening before King’s Day and opens its gates at 09:00 the next day to allow the children’s fun to begin on time. Besides the Vondelpark, other areas are designated as children’s flea market area, such as the Amstelveld, Noorderpark, Erasmuspark, Rembrandtplein or Westerpark.

King’s Day Festival Kingsland Amsterdam

The biggest Kings Day festival is Kingsland at the RAI Amsterdam venue. Kingsland Festival has a great line-up including AfroJack, Kris Kross Amsterdam and Lucas & Steve. For this festival, you do need to buy your ticket in advance. Check below if tickets are still available and book your tickets.

Opening hours during King’s Day

  • The citywide street market begins very early on King’s Day morning, officially at 06:00.
  • Most events begin at midday.
  • The street market and nearly all outdoor events finish at 20:00.
  • Shops are permitted to open on King’s Day, but the majority of high street stores close for the day. For example, shops on the Kalverstraat usually stay closed. Most larger supermarkets do open for part of the day and smaller neighbourhood supermarkets are usually open for business.
  • Many museums and attractions are open on King’s Day.

Travel during King’s Day

King’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year in Amsterdam and public transport in the city centre is affected by restrictions to allow the free movement of people through the city. Best way to travel is on foot. Large signs will be placed in the Canal District to direct you to key events and attractions on King’s Day.

Visit the Tulips in Holland during King’s Day

Are you in Amsterdam on King’s Day and do you like tulips? Then you are in luck. King’s Day on 27 April falls right in the middle of the Tulip Festival. This means the tulip fields are in bloom and Keukenhof Gardens is open. From Amsterdam, several tours will take you to the tulips. So plan your visit to the tulips before, during or after King’s Day and enjoy spring in Holland.

Hotels during King’s Day in Amsterdam


Map of the canal district in Amsterdam

You will never be bored in the canal district of Amsterdam. The many shops, restaurants, hotels, attractions and museums ensure that both young and old are entertained. There are also many activities to undertake on or along the canals. Use the map below to explore the canal area. What are you going to do in Amsterdam?