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museums in canal district Amsterdam
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Museums in Amsterdam Canal District

Walking along the canals of Amsterdam, you already have the impression that you are walking in an open-air museum. But the canal district is also the location of Holland’s finest museums.

Museums in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s canal district has the most museums in the Netherlands. There are museums on a variety of subjects. For example, visit one of the art museums such as the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh museum and the Moco Museum. Learn more about a specific subject in the Jewish Museum, Anne Frank House and the Eye Film Museum. There are also many fun museums for children, such as the NEMO Science Museum and the Maritime Museum. Finally, there are also modern museums such as the Nxt Museum and the Our House Museum.

List of museums in Amsterdam

Below we have listed the best museums in the Amsterdam canal district that you can visit during your visit to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Canals Museum€ 16.50Buy ticketsFree with Visitor Card
Rijksmuseum€ 24.50Buy ticketsFree with Visitor Card
Anne Frank House€ 16.00Buy ticketsNo discounts available
Van Gogh Museum€ 22.00More infoNo discounts available
Stedelijk Museum – Museum of Modern Art€ 20.00More infoFree with Visitor Card
Red Light Secrets Museum€ 14.50Buy tickets
Amsterdam Tulip Museum€ 5.00More infoFree with Visitor Card
Maritime Museum€ 17.50More infoFree with Visitor Card
NEMO Science Museum€ 17.50More info Free with Visitor Card
Moco Museum€ 19.50More infoFree with Visitor Card
Tropenmuseum€ 16.00More infoFree with Visitor Card
Jewish Museum€ 17.00More infoFree with Visitor Card
Eye Film Museum€ 12.50More infoFree with Visitor Card
Diamonds Museum€ 11.00More infoFree with Visitor Card
Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder€ 15.50More infoFree with Visitor Card
Houseboat Museum€ 4.50More infoFree with Visitor Card
The New Church Amsterdam€ 13.50More infoFree with Visitor Card
Our House€ 22.50More infoDiscount with Visitor Card
Nxt Museum€ 24.50More infoDiscount with Visitor Card

Map of the canal district in Amsterdam

You will never be bored in the canal district of Amsterdam. The many shops, restaurants, hotels, attractions and museums ensure that both young and old are entertained. There are also many activities to undertake on or along the canals. Use the map below to explore the canal area. What are you going to do in Amsterdam?