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Luggage storage at Amsterdam Central Station

Storing your luggage at Amsterdam Central Station

Luggage storage at Amsterdam Central Station
Enjoy the Canals of Amsterdam without all your luggage

Amsterdam Central Station, the city’s primary transportation hub, welcomes millions of travelers each year. Whether you’re in transit, waiting for accommodation check-in, or just want to explore the canals of Amsterdam without the burden of your bags and suitcases, the station offers easy luggage storage solutions.

Luggage storage in Amsterdam

Want to visit Amsterdam but don’t want to lug around your luggage? Then place your luggage in a luggage locker at Amsterdam Central Station. This luggage storage is easy to use and ensures your luggage is safely stored while you enjoy all the activities in the city.

Where can you find the luggage lockers?

The luggage lockers can be found on the east side of the central station. The lockers are marked ‘baggagekluizen’ and ‘luggage lockers’.

What kind of luggage can you store at Central Station Amsterdam?

At Central Station Amsterdam, you can find two different types of luggage lockers. A small locker and a large locker. Below are the dimensions of each type of locker so you can see which one will fit your luggage:

Small85cm deep, 45cm tall and 35cm wide
Large85cm deep, 60cm tall and 35cm wide

Prices for storage of luggage at a locker?

You rent a locker for a maximum of 3 days at a time. After 3 days, the lockers can be emptied.

Luggage storage1st day (24hours)2nd and 3rd4th day or longer
Small locker€ 8.50 per day€ 11.50 per day€ 17.00 per day
Large locker€ 11.50 per day€ 17.25 per day€ 23.00 per day

It is possibly possible to re-stock your luggage every day. This means you pay the rate for 1 day each time and thus save money.

How does a luggage locker work?

Renting a locker is very simple. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Put your belongings in one of the lockers and close the door.
  2. Pay for one day’s rental using the screen at the lockers. 
  3. After paying, take the printed receipt with you and keep it safe. You’ll need it to open the locker again.
  4. Want to open the locker again? Then scan the ticket. 

If you rent the locker for more than one day, you will pay the extra amount when you open your locker. Please note that you can only open the locker once.

What if you lose your ticket?

Then you will pay a €10 surcharge for losing the ticket. Ask a service employee at the station to help you further with opening your locker.

What if your luggage has been taken out of the locker?

If your luggage has been removed from the locker, don’t worry! We keep the luggage at the Central Lost and Found Bureau in Utrecht for a maximum of three months. Fill in the ‘Luggage taken from locker’ form and have your belongings delivered to your home. The administration fee, storage and shipping costs €70.